mardi 30 mars 2010

En hausse McDonald's en Chine

Le Monde - Economie, mercredi, 31 mars 2010, p. 15

La chaîne américaine de restauration rapide veut quasiment doubler le nombre de ses établissements en Chine d'ici à fin 2013, à 2 000 restaurants, contre 1 100 aujourd'hui.

PHOTO - A staff member prepares French fries at a McDonald's restaurant in the southern city of Shenzhen January 29, 2010. McDonald's Corp, the world's largest hamburger chain, said it expects to boost its capital investment in China by about a quarter this year to tap the growth of the world's third-largest economy. This McDonald's outlet in Shenzhen was the first to be opened in China. To match INTERVIEW MCDONALD'S/CHINA.

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