mercredi 19 mai 2010

DERNIER CHIFFRE - Pic de croissance en Chine au mois de mars

Le Monde - Economie, mercredi, 19 mai 2010, p. 17

La croissance chinoise a atteint un pic en mars, selon un indicateur de croissance avancé (LEI) publié, lundi 17 mai, par le Conference Board américain. L'indice a progressé de 1,5 % en mars, contre 1,1 % en février.

PHOTO - A boy holds onto his popsicle while cooloing off running through a water fountain at a shopping mall in Beijing on May 19, 2010. China's rising economic prowess means higher living standards for more of the population but the country's water crisis could threaten its stability and prosperity. According to a World Bank forecast, China has only about one-quarter of the world's average for per-capita share of water, about 2700 cubic meters per year, with half of China's cities facing a water crisis, including the capital Beijing, which is among those most affected.

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